Traction Summit 2019: Driving The Tire Industry Into The Future

Focusing on the theme, Driving The Tire Industry Into The Future, last year's Traction Summit took a closer look at tire sensor technology,  how the pursuit of autonomous vehicles are affecting the tire industry,  considerations for autonomous vehicles tire data, as well as first-hand  perspectives from OEMs,  tire manufacturers and more. 

Traction Summit 2019 will continue building on these conversations, as well as highlighting new developments in the tire industry.

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Day 1: Thursday, October 17

Registration and Breakfast

  1. Registration and Breakfast

  2. Opening Remarks: Smithers Representative

Session I: Keynote – The Global Economy

Moving into 2020, the global economy is in a state of flux. The use of tariffs and potential trade wars between countries could create significant friction, including challenges for the auto and tire industry. The potential retrenching of the Chinese economy also could play a role with the global economy. What are the expectations going forward for the U.S. economy?

  1. Keynote – The Global Economy

    Elizabeth Laderman | Economist, Financial Research of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

    Moving into 2020, the global economy is in a state of flux. The use of tariffs and potential trade wars between countries could create significant friction, including challenges for the auto and tire industry. The potential retrenching of the Chinese economy also could play a role with the global economy. What are the expectations going forward for the U.S. economy?     

    Presentation will be followed by Q&A.

Session II: The Future of the Auto Industry

An examination of trends in the automobile industry, both in the United States and globally. Statistics and pressures that are impacting the tire and auto industry. Discussion will touch on production demands, both in the United States and globally; the status of the autonomous vehicle market; how much of the market will electric vehicles make up; and key legislative and regulatory policies that will impact the auto industry.

  1. The Future of the Auto Industry

    Haig Stoddard | Industry Analyst of Penton | WardsAuto

    An examination of production demand, both in the United States and globally. Stoddard also will discuss the status of the autonomous vehicle market and the growth of the electric vehicles. 

  2. Networking Break

Session III: A Closer Look at Tires

What is the status of the tire industry at the present time. A discussion on the tire sector.

  1. An Analytical Look at the Tire Industry

    Dr. James A. Popio | Vice President of Operations - North America of Smithers Rapra

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  3. Lunch

Session IV: A New Generation of Vehicles, Part 1

Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and the growth of subscription service-based auto companies are changing the dynamics of the transportation sector. For tire producers it may mean having to retool their operations to make a new generation of tires.

  1. The World of Autonomous Vehicles

    Richard Smallwood | Chief Executive Officer & President of Sumitomo Rubber

    Smallwood will review what is happening in the world of autonomous vehicles

  2. Making Mobility: Learn how a Digital OEM harnesses disruptive models to usher our transportation industry into an autonomous world

    John B. Rogers, Jr | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Local Motors

    Most automotive companies of today are stuck in the past – they’re inefficient, and don’t readily deliver what consumers want or need. LM Industries’ process, which is founded on local microfactories coupled with the power of co-creation, exceptional safety testing and legislative lobbying, is connecting our outdated mobility industry with the future of autonomy, today. This keynote will explore how an innovative digital OEM is leading the way in bringing autonomous mobility into our daily lives. Jay Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder of LM Industries, will point to use cases to bolster this presentation.

  3. A Living Room on Wheels

    John Culliton | Senior Engineer, Chassis Attribute Delivery of BYTON

    Autonomous and electric vehicle startups along with mainstream OEMs are racing towards a "living room on wheels"—what does this mean for tires? Trends of range considerations, packaging opportunities, load constraints, and how to balance with full-vehicle ride, handling, and NVH attributes.

  4. Networking Break

Session V: A new generation of vehicles, Part 2

Fleets, trucks and OTR vehicles are starting to gain traction in the marketplace. How will this sector continue to grow and how should the tire industry respond.

  1. Transportation Benefited by Technology

    Paul Burgoyne | Founder and CEO of REACH

    A look at how sensors and 21st century communication devices can benefit the transportation sector.

  2. Changing Demands for Off-The-Road Tires

    Chris Rhoades | Sr. Product Manager - Technology of BKT Tires Global Mining Solutions

    Rhoades will look at discuss the changing demands for off-the-road tires, primarily in the mining sector, but also looking at tire applications in the agricultural markets. The requirements for tires in these industries often precede trends for tires in the passenger sector.

  3. Tires as a Service: Servicing Fleets in the Future Mobility Ecosystem

    Allison Marie Cooper | Product Manager of Goodyear Innovation Lab

    Current changes in the mobility landscape are happening at an unprecedented rate — and as the ways that people and goods move around change, so do the opportunities for growth in the tire industry. These innovations require not just new products and business models, but also new ways of thinking and working. To meet this challenge, the Goodyear Innovation Lab in San Francisco works to develop systems "beyond tires" to improve the customer experience of managing their fleets' maintenance holistically, including exciting pilot programs with fleet startups operating with the demands of a digitally-enabled, on-demand business.

  4. Networking Reception

Day 2: Friday, October 18

Registration and Breakfast

  1. Registration Opens, Breakfast Begins

  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

Sessin VI: Tires as Part of the Connected World

The session examines changes and updates with tire sensors. The session also would address next generation services possible with sensors. Along with tire sensors, this Session block looks to have a session on Virtual Tire Designs and Virtual Modeling.

  1. Monitoring the Thickness of a Tire's Tread

    Dr. Aaron Franklin | Chief Technology Officer of Tyrata, Inc

    The industry is in desperate need of a mechanism for monitoring the thickness of a tire's tread, in real time.  Tyrata, Inc. is a sensor development and data management company offering patented IntelliTread™ wireless sensing technology that monitors, tracks, and predicts tire wear via a direct measurement of tread depth.  Dr. Franklin will present results from recent testing on different tires and updates to Tyrata’s roadmap towards commercialization of the technology.

  2. Real-Time Tire Monitoring Software Program

    Sunjay Dodani, Ph.D | Co-Founder & CEO of Revvo

    Revvo is a technology startup that has built a first-of-its-kind, sensor-enabled artificial intelligence software platform to monitor tires in real time. The technology includes proprietary sensors that capture thousands of data points per second from within the tire which is sent to the Revvo cloud via a gateway located in the vehicle. Machine learning models are applied to the aggregated data set to create valuable and actionable insights. This helps the driver and fleet managers better understand the overall health of the tires on their vehicles which leads to increased vehicle uptimes, optimized efficiency, and improved safety.

  3. Using RFID Tags to Help Consumers

    Jan Svoboda | RFID Technology Business & Solution Development of FineLine Technologies

    A discussion on how the use of RFID tags can help consumers.

Session VII: Voice of the Customer

Issues such as online versus off line purchases, distributors versus buying direct (and even possibly overseas. The end user is the final consumer of the tires. What kind of feedback are they sharing on how to improve the environment for tires going forward. Issues such as online versus off line purchases, distributors versus buying direct (and even possibly overseas.

  1. Consumer Reports Consumer Intelligence

    Eugene Petersen | Tire Program Manager of Consumer Reports

    Peterson will share and discuss the results of surveys that Consumer Reports has conducted that show how its members purchase tires, how they make their decisions, what they look for in tires, etc.

  2. Transforming Brick and Mortar to an On-Demand Platform

    Dennis Melka | Co-Founder and President of AutoAppClub

    Discussion will focus on a case study of how brick and mortar transforms to on-demand, direct-to-vehicle platform for the consumer.

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  4. Networking Lunch

Session VIII: Regulations and Legislation

State and federal regulations and legislative initiatives are changing the way drivers of automobiles and trucks are dealing with their use of tires. Speakers at this session will look at the impact both states and the federal regulatory agencies are having on the tire/transportation industry.

  1. Presentation to be Announced Soon

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Session IX: The Future Facility

What steps are being made, both in the construction of tires and how these plants operate.

  1. The progressive electrification of Vehicles

    Jim Cuttino | Director, Tire Research and Development of Link Engineering Company

    The progressive electrification of the vehicle, from subsystems to full powertrains, continues to add new challenges to the design engineer.  One significant challenge has been the electrification of the power steering systems, where margins for error are greatly reduced from the older hydraulic systems.  With this in mind, it has become critically important to be able to assess steering rack loads under the most extreme loads - typically experienced when the tire is braked and is being steered, such as when parking.  This presentation will describe a new test machine capable of measuring the forces experienced during a parking maneuver and including the effects of kingpin inclination, caster, and weight transfer.

  2. The Impact of Inflation Pressure of the Tire

    Chris Napier | Senior Application Development Engineer of ExxonMobil

    During the last 35 years, ExxonMobil Chemical has performed a series of surveys of passenger car and truck / bus radial tires to evaluate the influence of halobutyl rubber on inflation pressure loss rates (IPLR) of tires acquired globally. Previous studies have also evaluated the impact of innerliner compound formulations and liner gauge on inflation pressure loss rate as related to tire performance in various static and dynamic laboratory tests.

    The purpose of this most recent body of work is to evaluate the controlled on-vehicle performance of passenger car tires as a function of inflation pressure on the new and rapidly expanding mobility segment of electric vehicles (EV) utilizing experimental and other well-known industry test methods. It was also determined if connections exist between the on-vehicle EV test results to laboratory testing where applicable.

    This presentation will demonstrate impact of inflation pressure of the tire on rolling resistance, energy efficiency, treadwear and other important performance measures.

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  4. End of Conference