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2019 Speakers

See below for more information about the key industry experts that will be presenting at Tomorrow's Tire Summit 2019 in Shanghai.

  • Vinson Bing

    Director, Norms & Regulations Michelin China

    Vinson Bing is Director, Norms & Regulations, Michelin China.

    After graduated from Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry, he worked in Michelin for more than 20 years. He was Product Marketing Manager, Sales & Marketing Training Manager, and Michelin China R&D Métier School Manager.

  • Christine Domer

    General Manager Smithers (Akron)

    Christine Domer has over 30 years of material science experience in the tire and rubber industries, formerly working for Cooper Tire, Bridgestone Americas and Hailide America.  She joined the Smithers team in 2016 and is General Manager of the chemical and physical laboratories in Akron and the Smithers Tire Analysis Report.  She has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Akron, holds 4 patents related to tire compounding and reinforcements, and has presented papers for the Industrial Society of Fabric Manufacturers, ACS Recycle Committee, ACS Rubber Division and ITEC.  More recently she held a series of webinars in rubber compounding through Smithers.  Christine is a member of ACS Rubber Division, ASTM D11 Rubber, ARPM and CenTire.  She was past President of the ISIFM, and has been an active board member and mentor for the Women in Engineering Program at the University of Akron for the last 10 years.

  • Jimi Han

    Chassis Manager NIO

    Jimi Han is chassis manager of NIO, in charge of Tyres, Wheels, TPMS, TWA, Tools, damper and Accessories. He graduated from Beijing university of technology, and issued six patents during work, three of them are Patent for Invention.

    He has participated more than ten programs, like NIO ES8, ES6 and Volvo S90, S60, XC60 and so on, including summer tires, A/S tires, winter tires, self-sealing tires and sealant tires.

    He likes to invest the relationship between the tire attributes and vehicle performances, and defined new functions and new testing specifications for NIO programs.

  • Henry He

    General Manager Smithers

    General Manager of Smithers (Suzhou) Bachelor degree of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument, Master degree of Business Administration. Henry has been working in tire & wheel testing industry as test Engineer, Lead Test engineer & Lead quality system.  Main responsibility of Henry is Tire & wheel testing, data analysis, test method development, Company operations & management.

  • Hu Houbao

    Lead SQE SAIC-GM

    He got his bachelor degree of Rubber engineering from Qingdao University of Science and Technology in 2001.He got his master degree of Corporate Management from Nanjing university of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Now, he is responsible for the supplier management and development of Tire and wheel system at SAIC-General Motor (SGM);The member of The Technical Committee on Tyre and Rim Standardization of China ;The member of Technical expert group for compulsory product certification on of China;The member of Technical expert group for Comprehensive Utilization of waste Rubber Branch China Rubber Industry Association;He finished The ECO-innovation system and the Goverance of Green industry,The project is support Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai.

  • Anbiao Hui

    Tire Performance Engineer Michelin Tyre Research & Development Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Six years working experience in tire performance analysis and method development for Wear and Rolling resistance

  • Markus Kramer

    Head of Sales/Product Management ZF Friedrichshafen AG

    Over 20 years’ experience with testing in the field of electric drives, powertrain, tire and wheel. After several positions in R+D and systems engineering within KSB and ZF Group the challenge came to design and sell tire test systems for R+D and production to the world market. 

  • Ciaran Little

    VP Business Development & Director of Operations - Asia Smithers

    Ciaran is VP Business Development and Director of Operations - Asia for Smithers. This includes multiple events across Asia across 3 brands and 10 vertical markets including packaging, biomaterials, polymers and rubber, print and packing. Ciaran is also responsible for Smithers Reports and Consulting business providing authoritative and independent market data, forecasts and strategic insight across these. Ciaran works with his team to ensure we provide the highest quality content, networking and information services to our client base of multi national companies across the value chain.

  • Li Lun

    Section Officer of Chassis Rig Test Unit General R&D Institute of FAW

    Li Lun entered the passenger car section of RDC of FAW in 2007 after graduating from JiLin University majoring in vehicle engineering. From 2008 to 2013, Li Lun worked for FAW as DRE of HQ-H7 chassis parts; and from 2010 to 2015, he was responsible for A-class platform tires; from 2014 to 2017, he led HS7 Chassis system integration as Program Manager. Since 2017, Li Lun has been holding the role of Section officer of General R&D Institute of FAW Chassis Rig Test Unit.

  • Hisham Mohamed

    General Engineer, International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Hisham Mohamed is a General Engineer in the NHTSA’s Consumer Standards Division.  Mr. Mohamed recently held the position of Acting Chief for the Vehicle Dynamics Division. He was responsible for tires, brakes and electronic stability control federal motor vehicle safety standards. He is also the U.S. delegate to the Working Party on Noise and Tyres (GRBP) under the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) at the UN-ECE.  Before joining NHTSA in 2005, he worked for several years in the academic and automotive fields as a test and research engineer.  He is a co-author and author of several scientific publications and presentations covering advanced composite materials, elastomers, and tires. He also received a patent from the U.S. Patent Office.  Mr. Mohamed earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Tuskegee University. He also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Khartoum University.

  • Salvatore Oliveri

    Engineering Consulting China Consulting Chassis
    1. Study Vehicle Engineering 1977-1982
    2. Porsche Eng, Manager 1983.01- 1987.06
    3. TRW Global Chief Engineer 1987.07- 2003.09
      ABS7TC/ESP/ Brake By Wire/ Steer By Wire
    4. For Visteon Chassis CTO Europe & South America
    5. CEO Company  2012.01-2018.06
    6. GEELY Exec. Chief Engineer B EV Chassis 2018.06.15- 2019.10
    7. Own Company Consulting Chassis   2019.11.01
  • Joon-Bum Pyun

    Technical Services & Development Leader Synthetic Rubber APAC Trinseo

    Pyun is a technical expert in the synthetic-rubber-related industry, with over 18 years of industrial experience in rubber-related field. Having worked at a well-known petrochemical company named Kumho Petrochemical from 2001, his job entailed the provision of synthetic rubber technical service for European tire manufacturers.  Pyun joined Trinseo in 2014 on synthetic rubber technical service and development for Asian tire manufacturers, and was promoted to his leadership position in 2018.  Pyun has extensive experience in tires technology, SBS, asphalt modifier for road pavement and its additives, etc, and most importantly, the development in the region.

    Pyun holds a Master degree and a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, both from Yonsei University, Korea.

  • Liang Rongliang

    Office of Vehicle Performance Evaluation Director & Sr. Engineer CATARC

    Leading team with wide vision and large planning pattern, Being engaged in tire-track comprehensive evaluation research and OEM-matching validation service. Meanwhile, participating in UN/ECE/WP29 GRB and GRRF working group to coordinate tire related international regulations with high frequency. For the sake of guiding green consumption,being the key personnel of editing C-GTRA (China green tire rating and assessment) 2016 and 2017 revision to push the transformation upgrading and product structure adjustment of vehicle-tire industry.

  • Wei Sheng

    Senior Director and Deputy President of Research Institute Linglong Tire

    Wei Sheng graduated from Dalian University of Technology majoring in applied chemistry in 1995, and then worked in Giti Tire Research and Development Center. Wei Sheng joined Linglong Tire Research Institute in 2007, and now serves as Senior Director and Deputy President of Research Institute, in charge of passenger car OE technology and project development; he’s also leading tire new technology research in Linglong Tire.

  • Amy Tang

    Senior Technical Expert Geely Research Engineering Center

    From 2005 to 2010, Amy worked in Giti R&D Center as PCT PCR & Racing tire engineer. From 2010 to 2012, she joined Linglong R&D Center as International OE Department Manager. After that, Amy worked in Ford Research Engineering Center, served as Tire Supplier Technical Assistant Specialist (2012~2014) and Global Advanced Tire Core Specialist (2014~2018). Since 2018, Amy has been holding the position of Senior Technical Expert in Geely Research Engineering Center.

  • Mary Versailles

    Senior Policy Advisor, International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Mary Versailles is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs.  Ms. Versailles began her career at NHTSA in 1990 and has been responsible for a number of critical issues, including school bus, air bag, light vehicle rollover and tire standards and consumer information programs.  She has also been the U.S. delegate to the Working Party on General Safety Provisions (GRSG), the Working Party on Working Party on Passive Safety (GRSP), and the Working Party on Noise and Tires (GRBP) under the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations at the UN-ECE.  Mary is currently the Leader of the Tire Fuel Efficiency Team at NHTSA and a participant in the Task Force on Cyber Security and software updates (CS/OTA) at the UN-ECE.  She has received significant awards in her career, including a Secretary’s Gold Medal as part of the Regulatory Reform Agenda team and Vice President Al Gore’s Plain Language Award.  She has a JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Dr. Walter H. Waddell

    Sr. Technology Consultant Oriental Silicas Corporation

    Walter’s education is a B.S. Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago; a Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Houston; and Research Associate, Columbia University. Experience is Associate Professor of Chemistry, Carnegie-Mellon University; Section Head in Research, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.; Sr. Scientist, PPG Industries; and Sr. Research Associate, ExxonMobil Chemical. He has 37 patents, 5 trade secrets, 174 publications, 173 presentations, and presented a 1-week ‘Tire Technology Training Course’ at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Major awards include: Sparks-Thomas Award, Rubber Division, American Chemical Society; Distinguished Corporate Inventor, PPG; Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award, Rubber Division, ACS; Award of Appreciation, ASTM Committee F09 on Tires; International Rubber Conference Medal; Joe Hightower Award, Houston Section ACS; and Southwest Regional Award, American Chemical Society. Currently he is a Sr. Technology Consultant, Oriental Silicas Corporation; Technology Consultant, Smithers Akron Labs; and Co-Chair of the International Tire Exposition and Conference.

  • Wang Wei

    Engineer of Chassis Performance Control General R&D Institute of FAW

    Responsible for chassis performance test and control work of FAW Hongqi brand  (suspension K&C characteristics, tire high speed force and moment), presided over the construction of FAW tire high speed force and moment laboratory (MTS Flat Trac CT Ⅲ).

  • Calvin Xu

    Asia Pacific Applications Development Lab Manager & Senior Scientist Cabot Corporation

    Calvin joined Cabot in March 2016 as China Technical Service Manager for Reinforcement Materials business. Prior to Cabot, from 2011 to 2016, Calvin worked as Sr. Engineer in technical service for ExxonMobil’s butyl rubber business, and then applications development on petroleum resin in tire application for Asia Pacific region. From 2007 to 2011, he was engaged with formulation development and process development at Michelin Tire R&D Center in Shanghai.

  • Xia Xunmao

    Chairman Qingdao Xunmao Intelligent Tire Technology Co., Ltd

    Xia Xunmao is the Chairman of Qingdao Xunmao Intelligent Tire Technology Co., Ltd. In 2010, he was selected as the Expert of “National 1000 Talents Program” as well as the Overseas Expert of “Taishan Scholar” in Shandong Province.

    Dr. Xia Xunmao has more than 20 years of overseas technology and management experience (Continental & Goodyear), and 10 years of domestic senior management experience (tire/automotive companies). The team led by Dr. Xia mainly works on R&D strategic planning for large and medium-sized tire companies, providing consultation service for tire companies on high-profile OE Projects, and on individual technique engineering and innovative product development.

  • Wei Yintao

    Professor Tsinghua University


  • Luo Yiwen

    Global Innovation Director – Rubber Reinforcement Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

    2001: Obtained Ph.D. of Materials Engineering at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.

    2001-2005: Atlas Copco, new material development of air compressors

    2005-now:  Bekaert, product development of steelcord as rubber reinforcement.  

  • Jessie Yu

    Market Development Manager (China) ExxonMobil Chemical

    Jessie Yu began her career in a tire company as compound engineer. She joined ExxonMobil Chemical in 2014 as technical support for butyl rubber. In her current role, her focus is on butyl and specialty polymer market development.

  • Sun Zhenwei

    Vice General Manager Zhongce Auto Space Car Service Co., Ltd.

    Master of project management.

    Sun engaged in the tire industry since 2007, experiences include grass-roots business, regional business, e-commerce business, marketing work, chain, supply chain, business middle-ground construction etc.

  • Ma Zhong

    Director of Standards and Regulations APAC Continental Tires (China) Co., Ltd.

    Graduated from Tsinghua University, Automotive Engineering department.  27 years in automotive and components industry and over 15 years technical standards, regulations and product certification work experience. Since 2013, served Continental tire company as director of APAC Standards & Regulations.