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2019 Agenda

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Wednesday 13 November

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

Tomorrow's tire requirements from an OEM's perspective

Automotive companies' upcoming tire requirements to deliver on the vehicles of tomorrow

  1. Opening Keynote: Automotive requirements on tire performance - NVH

    Amy Tang | Senior Technical Expert of Geely Research Engineering Center

  2. EV's requirement on tire performance

    Jimi Han | Chassis Manager of NIO

  3. Panel discussion: Development of autonomous vehicles and how will it impact the requirement of tire performance

    Chairman of the panel: Dr. Xia Xunmao, Chairman, Qingdao Xunmao Intelligent Tire Technology


    - Amy Tang, Senior Technical Expert, Geely Research Engineering Center

    - Li Lun, Section Officer of Chassis Rig Test Unit, General R&D Institute of FAW

    - Zhu Bin, Professor, Jilin University

    - Yang Wang, Supervisor, Ford China

    - - Salvatore Oliveri, Engineering Consultant, China

  4. Morning refreshment break

Future outlook for Chinese tire market

Current and future market oulook for the Chinese tire industry and regulatory landscape

  1. Future outlook for Chinese tire market

    Zhu Hong | Director of Technical & Economic Committee of China Rubber Industry Association

  2. Lunch break

Tomorrrow's testing

Verifying the performance of tomorrow's tires, new testing technologies, new testing methods and standards are emerging

  1. Study on mechanical properties of tires under different working conditions

    Wang Wei | Engineer of Chassis Performance Control of General R&D Institute of FAW

  2. Research on comprehensive performance test of tire field

    Liang Rongliang | Office of Vehicle Performance Evaluation Director & Sr. Engineer of CATARC

  3. On vehicle convey wear test & drum wear test

    Anbiao Hui | Tire Performance Engineer of Michelin Tyre Research & Development Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  4. Panel discussion: Tomorrow's testing and how it will impact testing facilities

    Chairmain of the panel: Henry He, General Manager, Smithers Rapra Suzhou


    - Anbiao Hui, Tire Performance Engineer, Michelin Tyre R&D Center Shanghai

    - Liang Rongliang, Director & Senior Engineer, Office of Vehicle Performance Evaluation, CATARC

    - Wang Wei, Engineer of Chassis Performance Control, General R&D Institute of FAW

    - Hou Xiaoqian, Lab Director, Sailun Tire

    - Markus Kramer, Head of Sales/Product Management, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

  5. Afternoon networking and refreshments

Safety, regulations and standards

Regulations and standards, and how regulatory authorities manage to control tire quality to ensure safety

  1. Non-contact tire pressure estimation

    Zhu Bin | Professor of Jilin University

  2. Setting threshold of wet grip of worn tire

    Vinson Bing | Director, Norms & Regulations of Michelin China

  3. Technological progress of intelligent tires

    Wei Yintao | Professor of Tsinghua University

  4. International tire regulations

    Hisham Mohamed | General Engineer, International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Hisham Mohamed
    General Engineer
    International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Mary Versailles
    Senior Policy Advisor
    International Policy, Fuel Economy and Consumer Programs
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

  5. Chair's closing remarks

  6. Networking Dinner - Sponsored by Smithers

Thursday 14 November 2019

Thursday 14 November

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

Tomorrow's sustainable tires

Tomorrow's tire needs to be high on sustainability and being environmentally-friendly

  1. Opening keynote: How low RR helps energy economy of tomorrow's tires

    Henry He | General Manager of Smithers

  2. Tomorrow's green manufacturing of tires / green supply chain

    Wei Sheng | Senior Director and Deputy President of Research Institute of Linglong Tire

  3. Panel discussion: Tomorrow's sustainable tires

    Chairman of the panel: Hu Houbao, Lead SQE, SAIC-GM


    - Henry He, General Manager, Smithers Rapra Suzhou

    - Wei Sheng, Senior Director & Deputy President of Research Institute, Linglong Tire

    - Christine Domer, General Manager, Smithers

    - Ma Zhong, Director of Standards and Regulations APAC, Continental Tire (China) Co. , Ltd

  4. Morning refreshment break

  5. Volatile organic compounds in automobile tires: Recent analyses utilizing thermal desorption

    Christine Domer | 总经理 of Smithers Rapra (Akron)

  6. Lunch break

Tomorrow's tire materials

New material and processing technology contributing to better performance of tomorrow's tires

  1. Effect of tire air retention on electric vehicles

    Jessie Yu | Market Development Manager (China) of ExxonMobil Chemical

    • Improved air retention is key to maintain efficiency and tire performance gains
    • Consistent in-use tire performance will become more important with EVs and AVs
  2. Performance materials for the silica-filled PCR tire tread

    Dr. Walter H. Waddell | Sr. Technology Consultant of Oriental Silicas Corporation

    When precipitated silica is used in place of carbon black in a tread compound, tire wet traction is increased and rolling resistance is beneficially decreased. These properties are mandated as labels on all tires under current European Union and planned regulations for China. Performance can be predicted from laboratory measurements of the temperature-dependence of the tangent delta curve using values at 0oC for wet traction and at 60oC for rolling resistance. Laboratory abrasion is measured, but is not thought to be an accurate indicator of in-service tire tread life. To maintain abrasion resistance comparted to a carbon black control, silica needs to be dispersed during mixing to a similar extent as is carbon black. In addition, silica surface silanols need to efficiently react with the bifunctional organosilane agent during mixing.

    A brief review is presented of materials that can improve the performance of passenger car radial ((PCR) tire tread compounds. Experimental results are presented to show the advantage of using EecosilÒ 350MG highly dispersable silica (HDS) versus an easily dispersable silica in a PCR tire tread compound. Mixing efficiency is based on measuring silica dispersion from scanning electron micrographs to obtain %-white areas. The numbers of reinforcing aggregate structures < ~1 micron and larger undispersed agglomerates thought to reduce tire wear life are quantified. Mixing variations are studied in order to optimize the performance of EecosilÒ 350MG HDS.

  3. Innovative tire material - steel cord

    Luo Yiwen | Global Innovation Director – Rubber Reinforcement of Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

  4. Development of particle reinforcement on polymers for future tires

    Calvin Xu | Asia Pacific Applications Development Lab Manager & Senior Scientist of Cabot Corporation

  5. Advanced SSBR – Addressing market trends, EV and sustainability

    Joon-Bum Pyun | Technical Services & Development Leader Synthetic Rubber APAC of Trinseo

    Made in Germany since 1937, Trinseo is one of the leading synthetic rubber manufacturers and innovators in the world. In our presentation named “Advanced SSBR – Addressing market trends, EV and sustainability ”, we will discuss latest material characteristics, performance, processability, electric cars and sustainability trend in the performance tires area.

  6. Afternoon refreshments and networking break

Tomorrow's business model

New business model for tomorrow's tire and who to prepare for it as tire manufacturers

  1. How does the tire industry embrace the Internet

    Sun Zhenwei | Vice General Manager of Zhongce Auto Space Car Service Co., Ltd.

    1. Reinventing the new platform of S2B2b tire industry

    2. “One tire and one code” to build a new digital marketing model

    3. Building a new business middle-ground with users as the center

  2. The future outlook for mobility and the impact on tires

    Ciaran Little | VP Business Development, Director of Operations - Asia of Smithers

    • What is the future outlook for mobility & vehicle ownership
    • How will rideshare, fleet ownership and other mobility changes affect tires
    • How will the OEM and aftermarket tire industry respond
  3. Chair's closing remarks

  4. Close of conference