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Interview with NIO | EV's requirements for tire performance

We recently interviewed Jimi Han, Chassis Manager at NIO, about his upcoming presentation on EV's requirements for tire performance and we wanted to share it with you.

Your presentation covers 'EV's requirements on tire performance', what can we expect to learn from your talk?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more and more popular, and the tires are the only parts that contact the road to transfer the forces and movements to the vehicles, so developing proper tires can make full use of EV potential. Comparing internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs are quieter and heavier, and have relatively limited driving range. This means EVs have higher NVH and RR requirements on tires, and bigger challenges on keeping high level ride and handling performance. My presentation will expore how to develop proper tires for high performance EVs.

Why is this research important in the industry at the moment?

Now that EVs are growing very fast, the same as autonomous driving, tires need to catch up. For example, when EVs reach autonomous driving L4, this means that drivers do not need to manoeuvre the cars, and the frequency of maintenance is less, so tires should be safe all of the time. Properly combining the tire properties, TPMS function and autonomous driving strategy can further improve user experience.

What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

Compared with other tire attributes, sustainability is the most critical topic for our environment. I hope tire companies and OEMs have plans to use 100% sustainable materials. It's not only the challenge of tires, but also a challenge in our normal life, everyone should contribute to protect nature.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at Tomorrow’s Tire 2019?

I am looking forward to hearing that tire companies and OEMs have plans to use 100% sustainable materials, and about new technology and solutions.

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