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Interview with CATARC | Research on comprehensive performance of tire field

Ahead of his presentation at Tomorrow’s Tire 2019, we spoke to Liang Rongliang, Director & Senior Engineer, Office of Vehicle Performance Evaluation at CATARC, to get a sneak peek of his presentation on ‘research on the comprehensive performance of tire field’ and discover why this research is important, what the main challenges facing the industry are at the moment and more.

Your presentation is on 'research on comprehensive performance of tire field', what can we expect to learn from your talk?

Tire field performance testing and verification is a systematic test engineering system, covering all aspects (such as grip safety, comfort performance, handling performance, durability, economic performance etc.), is the relevance test verification from the perspective of real market consumers, whether for the development of OE tires, or the development of the RE replacement market, and is a confirmation of the final performance of the product. In this event, on behalf of our test team, I will introduce to the industry the tire field performance testing and verification system that we have already set up, as well as the subsequent extended research projects based on market demand, such as water drift test, wear tire performance decay and maintenance. Research on the adhesion coefficient of snow tires and snow roads.

Why is this research important in the industry at the moment?

The tire field performance testing is the final judgment and confirmation before the product is actually put on the market and matched. The tire is a non-linear complex elastomer, and some of the performances are mutually deviated from each other. It is necessary to truly combine the positioning requirements of the market with targeted development design (carcass structure, material formulation, tread design, etc.), and the manufacturing process. The process also has an impact on performance. These overlay factors are ultimately brought together to the product body. Tire field performance testing is a market validation and analysis of all of the above factors.

What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

At present, I believe that the main problem facing the industry is that the traditional tire matching problem still stands out. There’s a cognitive blind spot from tire companies on the supporting needs of the OEMs. It is impossible to find a common supporting solution that both parties can recognize. In the development of the automobile industry, in the process of positive development, the tire company and the main engine factory chassis research and development department are getting closer and closer, and the cooperation is becoming more and more integrated. The common understanding of both parties is gradually seeking the same, which is gratifying phenomenon. Just like this event is to build an industry communication platform for everyone. On this platform, everyone will fully express the demands of all parties, and a process of seeking common understanding will gradually improve the level of the industry.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at Tomorrow’s Tire 2019?

On behalf of our team, I’m participating in the summit, mainly in the attitude of pragmatic learning, to understand the current progress and achievements in the field of tire matching, and to understand the technical appeal of the tire industry in the future environment of smart transportation. We can seek cooperation, breakthrough and mutual achievement in the field of scientific research.