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Insights from CenTire

Smithers Rapra recently spoke with Dr. Saied Taheri of CenTire about his thoughts on the tire industry, where he sees the market going and what he feels are the biggest challenges and opportunities. 

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

Dr. Saied Taheri: I am looking forward to meeting new people and establishing business connections to grow the Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) portfolio and my research. 

Smithers Rapra: What is your presentation (the quick pitch) about?

The presentation is about intelligent tires, from concept to reality. It will cover what we have done in my research group to bring the concept to reality.

Smithers Rapra: What do you see as the biggest opportunity in the tire industry when it comes to Smart Tires and Intelligent vehicles?

Smart tires will be the only means for the autonomous systems of the future to maintain platoon stability and safety by continuously monitoring the health of the tire to prevent any durability problems.

Smithers Rapra: What are some of the biggest challenges the tire industry is facing right now? 

1- Developing a high fidelity finite element tire model that can be used to design a tire meet the specs for all functional performance areas, is the biggest challenge. 

2- Understanding the need for vehicle chassis control system and autonomous driving