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An Intelligent Tire Future from the Cutting Edge of Research

Intelligent, adaptive and smart tires represent one possible evolution for the future of tires. With tire companies focused on ways to integrate smart technology into tires, one option involves the inclusion of sensor technology.

At the Center for Tire Research (CenTire), a National Science Foundation collaboration involving Virginia Tech, the University of Akron, and other industry and non-industry partners, researchers are conducting foundational research and experimenting with the latest in tire technology. One recent project involves including ceramic sensors to gather road condition information and provide that info to the car’s control system. This type of sensor system might lead to a vehicle automatically adjusting to account for varying types of road surfaces, weather conditions and more.  A truly adaptive tire might enhance automobile safety and enhance a potentially autonomous vehicle driving experience.

The director of CenTire, Ron Kennedy, will be speaking at the 2016 edition of Traction: Driving the Tire Industry Forward.   

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