Cookie Policy

The following page describes how our website uses Cookies to improve the experience for you the visitor and how you can manage the cookies on your PC or device.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are transferred from our website and stored on your PC or device web browser. Cookies are widely used across the Internet in order to make websites function correctly, work more efficiently, deliver a better experience for you the user, or to provide information to website owners about site performance and usage.

We use Cookies for the reasons stated only and the Cookies that are stored do not collect sensitive personal information such as your name, address details, email address, or any other contact details. The Cookies we use fall into three categories:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Some of the Cookies we set are absolutely necessary for the website to perform. Without them the web site would simply stop functioning. 

Functional Cookies

These Cookies allow our web site to remember any choices you make and aid the provision of additional enhanced personal functionality or features. These Cookies are only used for providing an improved browsing experience and we do not pass information about the choices you make to any third party or other organisation.

Performance Cookies

These Cookies are used to collect general information to help us understand how visitors are using our web site. We use this information to continually improve the service we provide. These Cookies do not collect personal information that identifies a visitor. All the information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

How we use Cookies?

The Cookies on our website are used for the following purposes

  • To improve your experience when visiting our site

  • To allow you to register / create an account and to have information such as order history, or your details remembered for later

  • To access the content your are entitled to

  • To allow you to add products to your shopping basket and complete the order process

  • To improve the website's usability by saving you time on making a purchase or tracking your order

  • To analyse the use of our website through Analytics software such as Google Analytics and continually improve the online service we offer.

How do I disable Cookies?

To disable Cookies from our website, you will need to change the settings in your website browser.

By disabling Cookies in your browser, you may render some of the functionality on our website (and other websites you visit) unusable or experience a reduction in the service we can offer you and we make no guarantees as to the performance of our website when Cookies are disabled.

The links below provide guidance on how to manage cookies on your PC or device.

Managing Cookies on your PC or device

Removing cookies from your PC or device