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Smithers is pleased to present an initial look at the Traction Summit 2023 speaker lineup, taking place in May 2023 in San Antonio, TX!

Olivier Brauen - Michelin

Olivier Brauen

VP Circularity Business Solutions Development at Michelin
Howard Colvin - Colvin Consultants

Howard Colvin

Consultant at Colvin Consultants
Ashley Edgar  - J.D. Power

Ashley Edgar

Senior Director, Automotive Supplier Benchmarking and Alternative Mobility at J.D. Power
Thomas Womble - Liberty Tire Recycling

Thomas Womble

Chief Executive Officer at Liberty Tire Recycling
Abe Tatsuyuki - Kuraray

Abe Tatsuyuki

Sales Engineer at Kuraray
Monte Niemi - First State Tire Recycling and TDA Manufacturing

Monte Niemi

CEO at First State Tire Recycling and TDA Manufacturing
Tom Rosenmayer, PhD - Silpara Technologies

Tom Rosenmayer, PhD

Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Silpara Technologies
Maureen Kline - Pirelli Tire North America

Maureen Kline

Vice President Public Affairs & Sustainability at Pirelli Tire North America
Gavin Whitmore - Tire Industry Project

Gavin Whitmore

Communication Manager at Tire Industry Project
David E. Zielasko - Tire Industry Association

David E. Zielasko

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Tire Industry Association
Brent Gruber - J.D. Power

Brent Gruber

Executive Director, Global Automotive at J.D. Power
Tony Wibbeler - Bolder Industries

Tony Wibbeler

Founder, CEO at Bolder Industries
Beverly Wright, PhD, CAP® - Burtch Works

Beverly Wright, PhD, CAP®

Head of Data Science Solutions at Burtch Works
Nick Santero - Rivian

Nick Santero

Lead for Design for Sustainability at Rivian
Matthew Kent - Smithers

Matthew Kent

Technical Director, Tire and Wheel Test Lab at Smithers
Joshua Guilliams - Smithers

Joshua Guilliams

Vice President, Consulting Materials Science and Engineering at Smithers