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Abstract Submission

Be a thought leader at Traction Summit 2023!

In addition to our invited speakers we ask industry thought-leaders to submit presentation abstracts that detail ideas, advancements, and emerging opportunities. If you would like to inspire discussion and development as a thought leader, we want to hear from you! Presenting is a key way to put yourself and your company at the forefront of the industry, and to connect with other top players.

2023 Topics of interest:

Traction 2023 will focus on sustainability in tires from material selection and manufacturing to environmental considerations and end of life 

  • New materials for tires – biobased etc.
  • Sustainable materials, i.e. sustainable rubber

  • Reduction in tire wear particles
  • 6PPD
  • EPA regulations and considerations
  • Low rolling resistance and emission reduction tire technologies
  • End of life options for tires – retread, recycling etc.
  • Net Zero, is it feasible?
  • Quality, efficiency, cost reduction & performance improvements
  • Tire and Road Wear Particles
  • EV impact on vehicle manufacturing and tires
  • Current and future mobility trends
  • Material selection and impact on tire performance
  • Carbon Black

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