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Indian/ International Rubber Journal

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Ever since it’s impressive first issue in July / August 1993, the IRJ has been highly acclaimed by rubber industry leaders and expertsworldwide as one of the world’s foremost magazine for the international rubber industry.

The IRJ has made a tremendous impact on the international rubber industry with the consistently high quality, and the broad and comprehensive scope of it’s coverage of events, news, technical breakthroughs and its specialised articles.  It provides updates and information on all aspects.of the rubber industry worldwide, including steel cord, nylon tyre cord, carbon black, silica and other white fillers, rubber chemicals, processing oils, dyes and pigments.

The IRJ is a valuable at-a-glance information source for busy rubber industry professionals, from technologists to consultants to marketing executives. Published bimonthly with an additional Anniversary issue, it provides an in-depth look at the important issues and events concerning the rubber world.

The IRJ regularly features articles by prestigious international contributors who are authorities on various aspects of the rubber industry.  It has distinguished itself with columns and features on:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Tyre News
  • Company News
  • Business News
  • International News
  • Auto News
  • Raw Material
  • Prices
  • Statistics

The IRJ has a wide global circulation of 35,000 and reaches corporations, consultants, rubber planters, rubber related institutions and organisations.  It is considered essential reading material by industry decision makers, and keeps them abreast of changes and events in this dynamic industry: from technical innovations and product development, to in-depth features on prominent newsmakers and companies, to corporate results, analysis and forecasting.

With its enviable reach and client base, the IRJ is the ideal medium forum for those wishing to advertise their products and services and to publicize developments taking place within their company.  The IRJ set a trend with it’s interesting features on prominent industry leaders and pioneers who have left an impact on the industry.   The experiences, insights and vision which they share provide a powerful inspiration for those in the industry.