2018 Automotive Data Workshop

The automotive industry is speeding toward innovation, with advanced sensors, smart technology, connectivity, and…. data? Automotive data is a silent innovator; it has been collected and analyzed for years to lead progression, and its availability is growing with every technical advancement. 

GPS, smart phones, cameras, radar, sonar, LiDAR - they all produce constant stream of data. Connected cars produce about 25 GB of data an hour, the equivalent of 20 personal computers. That data has a massive amount of personal and technical information, and comes with questions concerning ownership, legalities, management, cybersecurity risk, and usability.

Last year's  Automotive Data Workshop offered an early insight on this fast-emerging and abundant market, with presentations from leading data experts providing invaluable information about these complex data facets. 

Learn more about last year's workshop program below

Auto Data Workshop | October 8, 2018

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  3. Privacy Rights in Auto Data - Anonymous Vehicles?

    Dorothy Glancy | Professor of law of Santa Clara University School of Law

    When vehicle data includes personally identifiable information, a broad range of privacy laws comes into play.  In the United States, a mosaic of state and federal privacy law reflects increasing concern about individual control over collection and use of personal information.  In particular, concerns about location information about an individual are intensifying.  In Europe, the new General Data Protection Regulation restricts collection and use of vehicle-based personal information.  These changing privacy law patterns will greatly impact how manufacturers and suppliers manage vehicle data.

  4. Cybersecurity

    Christopher Clark | Principal Security Engineer of Global, Synopsys Inc.

  5. Normalizing and Analyzing the Data Stream

    Dr. Lukas Kuhn | CTO and Founder of Tourmaline Labs

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  6. Networking Break and Afternoon Refreshments

  7. The Evolution of Automotive Data Ecosystems

    Alex Halikias | Head of Product Marketing of Otonomo

    With the advent of connected cars, the automotive industry is going through its most dramatic transformation in history. The growing complexity of the emerging data ecosystem is upending the automotive value chain and creating new business opportunities. At Otonomo, an automotive data services platform, we have a front seat to some of these early changes. No one yet knows what the landscape will truly look like in 5-7 years, but in this session we will discuss some of the more intriguing connected car data usage possibilities.

  8. Monetizing Car Data – New Opportunities for the Mobility Industry

    Andreas Breiter | Associate Partner of McKinsey & Company

    As vehicles become increasingly connected to each other and to external infrastructure via a growing number of sensors, a massive amount of data is being generated. Gathering this data has become par for the course; leveraging insights from data in ways that can monetize it, however, is still in its nascent stages. McKinsey has developed a perspective how players along the connected car value chain might capture this potential.