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Environmental pressures and sustainability trends

The convergence of stricter emissions regulations, natural resource volatility and increasing demand for sustainable products is positioning the green tire market for dramatic growth, according to a new white paper from Smithers Rapra. The Industry Insight, “Green Tire Technologies,” examines global industry trends and product innovations that are moving green tires to the forefront of the market.

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With oil prices rising steadily over the last 10 years and the price of natural rubber up 350% since 2001, green tires are expected to account for 35% of all tire sales by 2017. Leading tire manufacturers are meeting demand by investing heavily in tire developments that save fuel, offer a comfortable ride and long tread wear, and utilize sustainable ingredients for the benefit of the environment.

The green tire market is also expanding in response to the growing middle class in emerging markets like China, India, and Russia. Vehicle ownership in developing economies is drawing tire makers to set up green tire manufacturing in these markets. The Green Tire Technologies Industry Insight discusses this and other influential market drivers, including sustainable ingredient breakthroughs and introductions of innovative green tires by leading tire makers.

To learn more about how green tires are shaping the future of the industry and the potential for fully sustainable tires, download an executive summary of the Smithers Rapra Green Tire Technologies Industry Insight.

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